8000-1-C KenZaroo Fishing Tackle Pink Round Head Barbed Jigs

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$2.90 - $3.15


Section: F-9

KenZaroo Fishing Tackle Round Head Barbed Jigs 

Round Head Barbed Jigs

Stunning round head jigs with a barb to hold your bait in place. 

  • Jigs are baked in oven to prevent paint from chipping
  • Treated with a clear epoxy to ensure quality and long-lasting jigs
  • Made in Canada
  • Ranging in sizes from 1/8oz up to 1oz, razor sharp hooks relative to jig sizes.
Available in Sizes:
-1/8oz (3/PK)
-1/4oz (3/PK)
-5/16oz (3/PK)
-3/8oz (3/PK)
-1/2oz (3/PK)
-5/8oz (3/PK)
-3/4oz (2/PK)
-1oz (2/PK)
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