We Specialize in:

     -Boring, Sleeving, Honing and Rebuilding of Motors

     -Lower Units Rebuilds

     -Skeg Repairs

Other Services:

     -Annual Engine Maintenance (Oil/Filter Changes and Tune-Ups)

     -Winterizing (Outboards & Outboard/Inboards)

     -Storage (Outdoors & Indoors)

     -Shrink Wrap

     -Hull Cleaning

     -Spring Start-Ups

     -And Much More.


     -PWC, Boat and Pontoon Excalibur Trailers

     -Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Propellers and Hub Kits

     -Fuel Connectors, Fittings, Hoses and Assembly Kit

     -New and Used Lower Units/Gearcases

     -Large Selection of Ignition Switches, Fuses, Lanyards, etc.

     -We Offer A New “Catalogue Ordering System” that Allows You to Browse Our Product  Catalogues from the Safety of Your Home.

     -Filters, Spark Plugs, Oil, Water Pumps, and So Much More.